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About us

About Us

GetRide is a Canadian ridesharing company focused on providing safer and more affordable rides to meet the commuting needs of our customers. Founded in 2023, we are set to grow and progress into one of the largest and most trusted ridesharing/e-hailing companies in Canada. Our services are fair and transparent to everyone, no matter the demographics. It is our pride and joy to take you from point A to B with no hassle.

We understand that movement in and around cities does not always require one to start up their engine and in that regard. We've got you!! That's why we offer you the best at your convenience.

We have paid great attention to safety for both our passengers and our drivers (Emergency contacts + SoS). At GetRide, your safety is our concern.

With our user friendly and easy to use applications, your life couldn't get any easier.

Currently, we only offer ridesharing as a service. We do though in the future, plan to expand into other areas of the spectrum to meet even more of your daily needs.

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